April is Autism Awareness month but Autistics for Autistics (A4A) promote Autism Acceptance. They raised their own flag on Tuesday in Toronto for autistic pride. Members gave excellent speeches and had some good conversations with City representatives and some members of Autism Ontario.

Their signs read, “Non-compliance is a social skill” (my personal favourite), “Nothing about us without us”, “I don’t need to be solved” (crossing out the puzzle piece logo), “Red instead: Neurodiverse” (opposing the blue used by Autism Speaks), “Loud Hands”, and “Not a disease. Not an epidemic.”

We share much in common with A4A including a demand for supports beyond “behavioural services for children” by this Ontario government.¬†Please sign the petition under the PETITION tab to add your name to the list for CHOICE in funding for services and sign up for updates about supports that are respectful, supporting authentic development over behavioural compliance.