On December 7th, the Ontario Government announced an update to the Ontario Autism Program stating that parents now have more choice: ABA or ABA. Autistics for Autistics (A4A) responded with a Position Statement. Now, Ontario Parents of Autistics (OPA) have also responded with a Position Statement as well.

On Thursday’s Tele Town Hall meeting, it was disappointing to hear Minister Couteau emphatically state that he has been clear from the beginning that the Ontario Autism Program will only cover Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) services, and that the program is only for young children.
What was promising was that after many callers inquired about the restriction of choice to behavioural services, the lack of consultation with autistics themselves, and the age of those served, the Minister said that he is open to another round of talks with the public about other services that would be helpful.
This is a step forward and a CALL TO ACTION for parents, autistics, and service providers to voice your concerns and suggestions for autism supports, services, and interventions in Ontario. Please REGISTER when registration is posted for next Wednesday’s (January 17th) virtual Tele Town Hall conference call HERE and tell the Minister that the program should cover a range of well-researched and cited services and supports shown to be effective–NOT just ABA. Ontarians want real CHOICE!