Please sign up for the next two Telephone Town Hall meetings to let the Ontario government hear your voice during this period of Ontario Autism Consultations! They will happen on Tuesday, May 28th at 8:00pm and on Friday, May 31st at noon.

Also don’t forget to complete the online survey: The Ontario government has opened up consultation for autism services for only a few weeks. Please complete the online survey ASAP if you are a service provider, caregiver, educator, or have any relationship whatsoever to children with special needs. It is NOT just for parents. First you register, then you are emailed a link to complete the survey. 

Please let the government know that what we need is to move away from only providing behavioural services and approaches and towards including neuroscience-supported developmental, relational approaches that take into account a child’s developmental level, individual sensory profiles and form connections with our children to inspire relating, communicating and THINKING (rather than being trained to memorize rote skills). You can select from a number of services (occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, respite, etc.) but also choose “Other” and please include “Developmental approach, relationship-based therapies such as DIR/Floortime”, for instance. 

Please take this opportunity have your say!