When parents get a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a panic ensues and the scrambling begins. In Ontario, Canada, we are told to get on the wait list for ABA or IBI therapy (Applied Behavioural Analysis or Intense Behavioural Intervention). Most parents don’t even stop to consider alternatives, because none are offered.

Here at Autism D.A.T.A., we advocate for a developmental approach to autism intervention and so does the Association for Developmental Autism Programs and Therapies (ADAPT), our “sister site” in Manitoba. This week, its parent advocate published a nice piece outlining some differences between behavioural and developmental therapies, drawing from her experience with both.

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I hope that you found ADAPT’s blog informative and helpful. You can learn more about the Developmental Approach to autism intervention at Affect Autism by clicking HERE and THERE.

Stay tuned for the Winter 2017 Bulletin coming this month at Autism D.A.T.A….